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To Our Non German Speaking Visitors

Our site is about small computers that can fit on small printed circuit boards. Please understand that we publish our instructions only in German. We are just going to offer products from our shop also in English, because there is a large international interest in our DIN rail enclosures and some other parts.

If you wish to help us to become fully multilingual, feel free to post us your english translations!

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miniUSB Verbindungskabel 15cm (Code: MINIUSB15CM)
0,65 EUR
Raspberry Pi 3 Modell B+ (Code: RASPI3BPLUS)
36,50 EUR
3D Druck Gehäuse NanoPi NEO AIR (Code: GEHNANOPINEOAIR)
5,50 EUR
3D Druck Gehäuse NanoPi NEO (Code: GEHNANOPINEO)
4,50 EUR
NanoHat Proto (Code: NANOHATPROTO)
7,45 EUR

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